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Leading Hampshire-based disability charity Enham Trust supports over 8,500 disabled and disadvantaged people across the country to live lives of choice, control and independence; providing housing, care, and employment & skills provisions to enable individuals to make the transition towards greater social and economic independence.

Listening to, and understanding the individual circumstances of, our beneficiaries is a vital component of our work; allowing us to develop plans that are both personal and relevant.

Our unique transitional support, award-winning wheelchair-accessible housing, and physiotherapy services enables our disabled clients to live as independently as possible.

For Enham Trust resident Alex, the charity’s services, including Hobbs physiotherapy, have helped her strength and determination, as well as supporting her to walk a little more every day.

Here she tells us her story:

“Before I came to Enham Trust I was at Treloars College. I started small amounts of physiotherapy and walking while I was there, but didn’t do too much of it.

“I then discovered Enham Trust and moved here, which is when I also started using the Hobbs physiotherapy. The team there are great and know how to push, and get the best out of me, but in a nice way, whilst listening to what I feel comfortable with.

“The Hobbs timetable is also tailored to suit me and my needs, which means I can choose when I want to do it and fit all my other activities in throughout my day. It also means I know exactly what I want to do, and that the power is in my hands to achieve this.

“Since joining Enham Trust I feel a lot stronger, and a lot of this is thanks to the Hobbs team. However it is also my own personal determination that drives me each day to work in partnership with Hobbs towards my goals.

“I did set myself goals before I came to Enham Trust, my main one being to improve my walking.

“Hopefully this will result in me being able to walk much more around my house by myself.

“My walking has already improved massively since joining Enham Trust; however it’s a long but exciting process to achieve exactly what I want to.”


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