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Corporate Volunteering

Give the gift of your time to supporting disabled people to live the lives they choose

Here at Enham Trust we benefit hugely from volunteer groups and teams of people who come together to give us a day of their time; from corporate groups looking for team building activities or to fulfil their Corporate Social Responsibility, to teams of friends and family looking to support causes close to their heart in their local community.

As a group or organisation, you could:

  • Develop a new and varied team building activity for your employees 
  • Take part in a new challenge
  • Support causes you feel passionately about
  • Develop new skills
  • Learn more about disability
  • Offer your expertise and skills to supporting your local community
  • Fulfil your Corporate Social Responsibility in a meaningful way

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Work with us to achieve your Corporate Social Responsibility

There are so many ways we can support you to fulfil your Corporate Social Responsibility; whether you’re looking to match fund, take on a new challenge, host an event or volunteer a day of your time to come and support our Gardening Services Team, we can tailor an experience that works for you, whilst ensuring that our disabled customers are supported to gain independence, choice, and control over their daily lives.

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Over the last few years, we have enjoyed the company, hard work, and commitment of teams of people volunteering from all walks of life and for all sorts of reasons; from groups of people from places of worship, the military to companies wanting to fulfil their Corporate Social Responsibility and undertaking a wide variety of tasks.

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