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Partnering with Enham Trust

Corporate Partnerships

The support that Enham Trust provides is made possible with thanks to the involvement, incredible generosity and dedication of our corporate partnerships.

Enham Trust is committed to creating collaborative and engaging partnerships, whilst maintaining agility in our approach due to the changing nature of the funding landscape.

Disability does not discriminate between those it affects and can occur at any stage of life. Enham Trust seeks to offer services and support to not only the disabled individual, but the support network around them. As a corporate, a percentage of your customer base will know a disabled person and/or self-identify as having a disability. Working through a mutual partnership, we can ensure that every disabled and disadvantaged individual has the support that they choose to gain greater levels of independence; together we can work to continue our support and achieve this.

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We recognise that every company is different and accordingly so is every partnership. We work with each company individually to craft a positive partnership that is bespoke and tailed to achieve our shared aims.

Enham Trust is firmly rooted in Britain’s history of providing support for disabled people. Since opening in 1919, the Trusts narrative consistently demonstrates our legacy of support and care, with innovative, progressive and forward thinking support that is continued to be offered, through our personalised care and support services. Our aim is a world where disabled people can live the lives that they choose and this core is fundamental to every service that we provide to over 8,500 individuals each year. Working together can help us to achieve this.

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