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Parallel London 2017 – Say ‘Yes’ to challenging yourself and fundraising for Enham Trust!

I signed up to run 10km at Parallel London 2017 on the 3rd September, to take myself out of my comfort zone and challenge myself to achieve something I would never normally take part in!

Clives Story

For 39 year old Clive, who has Cerebral Palsy and uses a wheelchair, the recently reimagined Enham Way – a 3.4 mile pathway linking Enham Alamein with nearby Andover town centre, redesigned and implemented in partnership with Test Valley Borough Council to achieve full wheelchair accessibility – has been his pathway to true independence.

Why my disability doesn’t define me…

I’ve always had a disability; I acquired a brain injury at birth which left me with Cerebral Palsy. I don’t know what it means to walk ‘normally’, or ‘like everyone else’. I never have, and I never will. But that’s ok…

S2A: Good News Story - Jenny

Jenny started Skills to Achieve in October 2015. Jenny left school with low grades and low confidence. She felt that school had been a negative experience for her and restarting education came with a lot of anxieties.

Did you know about Choices?

Run by a selection of our wonderful, specially trained, and experienced staff here at Enham Trust, the aptly-named ‘Choices’ is a vibrant activity centre providing a wide range of courses and activities, specifically designed for our disabled clients and day services customers; supporting participants to make friends & socialise, learn new skills, and have a good time doing so!

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