5 easy ways to give to charity this Christmas

5 easy ways to give to charity this Christmas

With the long awaited Christmas countdown in full swing; Christmas decorations adorning every desk, and mince pies frequenting our lunch breaks, Christmas is officially on our minds, and all we can talk about around the water-cooler.

So, in light of the ever-intensifying festivities happening all around us, here are our 5 easy ways to give to charity this Christmas:

  1. Text to donate: texting. It’s become a rather average function in our day-to-day lives; whether we’re texting our parents to ask what’s for dinner or texting our friends the latest work-related gossip – texting in the 21st century is about as natural to us as breathing. And where the average person sends 128 text messages per day, if only 1 of those messages went to supporting a charity we care about… well, that can only be a good thing, right!?
  2. Volunteer: volunteering for your local charity doesn’t have to take up hours and hours of your free time, and can easily fit around your hectic schedule, even at Christmas. Giving the gift of your time, particularly over the Christmas break, can make the world of difference to someone who needs extra support; enabling someone with a disability to go Christmas shopping, see their family on Christmas Day or cook a traditional Christmas meal for their friends.
  3. Give your unwanted gifts: expecting to get an ugly cardigan or a tea set you’ll never even use from your Great Aunt Doreen up in Scotland, but don’t know what you’ll do with it? No problem. You can donate your unwanted Christmas gift to your local charity shop, which’ll be sure to make good use of them!
  4. Donate online: whether it’s via PayPal or on your credit or debit card, online donations are a really fast and simple way of giving to your local charity without detracting from your already full festive calendar or your Christmas gift funds.
  5. Raffle prizes: if you have lots of left over alcohol you can’t stand the thought of drinking after indulging too heavily over Christmas, donating it to your local charity as a raffle or tombola prize is a great way of giving something back to a cause you care about.

And there we have it, 5 really easy ways to give to charity this Christmas; ways that won’t break the bank, but will make a huge difference to people’s lives during the festive period.

If you’d like more information about anything mentioned above or would like to donate to Enham Trust this Christmas, please visit:


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