5 great Christmas charity ideas for work

Christmas charity ideas for work

Christmas charity ideas for work

With the festive season fast approaching; loud and lurid Christmas jumpers, and mince pies becoming a staple sight in any office setting, now seems the perfect time to start thinking about Christmas charity ideas for work, and what you could do to support a cause close to your heart this December.

5 great Christmas charity ideas for work

Wear your Christmas jumper to work

Be honest, you love wearing your loudest Christmas jumper to work; it gives you and everyone working with you a warm and fuzzy feeling, no matter how annoyed they pretend they are – why not hold a ‘wear your Christmas jumper to work’ day, and ask everyone participating to put £1 in a pot, which you can then give to your local charity (like us!) this Christmas? That way, everybody wins!

Hold a bake sale, mince pie style

Everyone loves to eat, and everyone loves a mince pie in December; why not get your best office bakers together to make some festive sweet treats and hold a Christmas-themed bake sale? Christmas charity ideas for work just got a whole lot sweeter…

Run a Christmas-themed quiz

Looking for a bit of light relief in the lead up to Christmas? Or something to do after the wine’s finished flowing at the office Christmas party? Holding a Christmas quiz could be a really fun way to get everyone into the Christmas spirit whilst raising money for your local charity. A suggest donation or fixed-fee for participation of 50p or £1 will be nominal for your co-workers, but could make a world of difference to the cause you’re supporting.

Donate your Christmas party budget to charity

Yes, we all love a good ol’ Christmas party; the excuse to get the wine flowing, the sparkles out, and the terribly cheesy music blasting out over the speakers, but don’t we also all love the feeling we get when we give to a cause we care about during the Christmas period? Well, there’s no reason why you can’t do both; consider reducing your Christmas party budget, and giving 50% of the money you would have used to charity. 

Christmas film night

Grab some blankets, some snacks, and a projector, and turn your boardroom into a Christmas film den for a couple of hours; no matter how much they may pretend to protest, anyone who’s anyone enjoys a Christmas film; get everyone attending to put £2 in a pot and you’ll quickly make enough money to make your local charity very, very happy.

The best thing about Christmas charity ideas for work

Christmas charity ideas for work are fun, sociable, and easy to organise. But the best thing about them? They raise valuable funds for your local charity during, often, the most challenging time of year.

If you’d like more information about what we do, you’re thinking about fundraising for us this Christmas or you’d like to know more about anything mentioned above, contact us today. 

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