Read about Hamish's day out at the weekend!

Hamish enjoys a day out!

Hamish is one of the many residents that live onsite here at Enham Trust; he lives in William House along with his best friend Lucy. Just like other residents, Hamish likes to get out and do new and exciting things.

Enham Trust provides Hamish with the service and tools to be able to make his own choices, and be as independent as possible.

On Saturday, Hamish went to London to watch a show put on my Magic FM; this was to celebrate a friend Lucy’s birthday.

Here, Hamish shares with us some of the highlights from his day:

“We left in the morning. Lucy drove us to my house in London to see my mum before the show.”

“We spent the journey singing along to the radio and chatting, it was great.”

“When we got to my house we saw my mum for a catch up and then all went out for a pub lunch. We all had good food at the pub and I even had a rum and coke which is my favourite!”

“The show started at 3pm, so after lunch we dropped mum home and drove to the show. We got to our seats early and they were the best seats in the house! The show went on until 5:30pm.”

“It was exciting, full of lots of different songs and dances- and a lot of wiggling!”

“After the show we went back to my house for dinner with my mum, she cooked us Kedgeree and it was delicious!”

“When we finished dinner, we said our goodbyes and Lucy drove us home. We sung along to the radio the whole way home.”

“The best part of the day was spending it with Lucy, she’s my best friend and I’ve known her for 10 years. I’m glad I got her this for her birthday present and I can’t wait to go and see another Magic FM show in February.”

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