The Hugo-Kükelhaus-Schule is an all age special school for cognition and learning in Leverkusen near Cologne in Germany. The school provides individualised learning for pupils with complex learning and mobility difficulties as well as autistic disorders.

For a number of years the Move concept has been part of the curriculum of the school, supporting children with disabilities and complex needs to gain independent mobility for learning and life. .

Here, Barbara Schmidtke-Wasels tells us their story:

“In 2014 seven teachers and a number of learning assistants received Move Practitioner training. Consequently, a small group of pupils could start to meet once a week in our gym-hall to train and practice move-skills”

“Since 2015 we have maintained two weekly group meetings to improve the training possibilities and effects. We are also constantly working with our school physiotherapist, the parents and the classroom teachers. Evidence on progress is shared with parents during pupil centered reviews and the Senior Practitioners meet and plan regularly.”

“Now, 15 pupils with their individual learning assistants meet and train together on Monday and Thursday mornings. There are always two Teachers present who lead the training and overview the necessary assessment and documentation.“

“As there are no stairs within our school we were very happy to provide our pupils with a special training-staircase and additional equipment that enables them to train the ability to climb out of their school bus on their own – a complex ability that is needed every day, also at home or in town.”

"In 2017 we were excited to receive an EU-Grant from the ERASMUS+ Programme, which means we can further our knowledge by spending 2 days at the Fiveways School, Yeovil in Somerset and another 2 days at the Wyvern Academy, Weymouth in Dorset in May 2018!“

"We recognize the potential benefits of The Move Programme to the pupils with mobility challenges. Every child has been able to make considerable progress during their training and enjoys being part of the Move Group."


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