Implementing the Programme: The Move Programme visits Russia

Implementing the Programme: The Move Programme visits Russia

Recently, our Business Development and Marketing Executive for The Move Programme, Charlotte Peck, was invited to Russia to deliver a seminar in Moscow, and training sessions to the Regional Rehabilitation Centre for People with Disabilities in Yekaterinburg.

In this final blog of a three part series, Charlotte shares with us the Centre’s thoughts on the training received from The Move Programme and their hopes for the future…

“At the end of the last day, we asked the directors and heads of department to spend an hour working on an implementation plan for their setting. This is what they came up with (the translated version!):

“We have no say in who gets admitted to our centre. All patients get referred from services. We have 26 new people arrive each week for treatment and we have to treat a certain amount of people each year. This figure is directed from government.

“We have a department that evaluates the rehabilitation potential of every new patient. Every head of department then meets to discuss their treatment plan. In this meeting, we think we can then pick clients that we feel will benefit from Move. If these people accept the invitation to join the Move Programme, each client will get his own Move Programme, with the assessment and goals. The heads of department will then decide on the team that will be working with each client and in each team they will pick the responsible person. In 14 days they will have the programme established and after that the process depends on where the patient has come from.

“If they come from Yekaterinburg, we will work with his family on the programme and they then control it. We will also work with the social care centre situated in the area where the person lives. If they live further away, the programme will be given to the family member and they also send it over to the social care centre where the person lives. For those that live far away, we will set specific milestones and then would contact the department at this time to see if the milestone has been achieved.

“If it has been achieved, we will leave them until the next milestone. If not then we will arrange more consultations over Skype etc. We would ask why it has not been achieved and if any members of the team did not play their part. We would look for a way to revaluate and correct the programme to ensure it works well in the future.

“Move has arrived at the right time and completely turned around our way of thinking. We are so glad that you have arrived at this time. Now, how can we further implement this across Russia?”

“We were thrilled with this final end to the training. The project in Russia proved to be a great success and, if successful in this setting, could be a huge opportunity for The Move Programme to make a difference to hundreds of lives across Russia.

Our thanks go to Anke Baillie, for working so hard to deliver such a successful training, as well as Rehab Medical for organising the project. We would also like to thank Anastasia Zelinskaya for being such a brilliant interpreter for the entire trip!”

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