Read Joshua's story

Joshua's story

Listening to, and understanding the individual circumstances of, our beneficiaries is a vital component of our work; allowing us to develop plans that are both personal and relevant.

Our Direct Payments service supports clients to make direct payments, budget their finances accordingly, and recruit and employ their own Personal Assistants.

Putting the control back into the hands of our clients and empowering them to live independently and manage their own money, we provide payroll administration support and the management of accounts through our Personal Budget Support Service.

For Joshua, who has Downs Syndrome, and his family, Enham Trust’s Direct Payments service has meant they can all spend more quality time together.

Here, Joshua’s mum Sandra tells their story…

“This was our first Direct Payment, and it was good to know that we would have access to a support service that could keep us on the straight and narrow! We had some prior knowledge of Enham Trust before receiving the new Direct Payment for Joshua so we knew what to expect.

“Our Advisor provided us with a comprehensive overview of service provisions, and employer & employment advice. Employer responsibilities were delivered in a way that was easy to understand, and our Advisor has always been available to answer any queries we have, as well as to keep us compliant. 

“There have been anomalies with staff payroll but Enham Trust’s payroll department have always been supportive to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

“The support we’ve received from Enham Trust has made everything easy for us, especially around employer responsibilities and legal obligations therein; we feel reassured that the support is there to fall back on should we need it, and we have also found the Enham Trust website useful and informative.

“Employer & Staff training has also been offered and will be considered in the future.

“We feel confident and enabled.  The DP has enabled us to have quality time to refresh and recharge in the safe knowledge that our son is being cared for by a trusted worker.

“With other life pressures and priorities the Direct Payment has stopped us hitting a crisis, and enabled us to have the time to sort those other priorities. 

“We are aware of the pressures that lack of funding places on relationships and health so feel grateful to receive the Direct Payment; it has made a big difference to us as a family and as a couple, we can actually have a much needed lie in now!

"We would highly recommend Enham Trust’s Direct Payment support service to others - we went from zero knowledge to competent employers in a relatively short space of time.”

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