Kwabena Graduates!

Kwabena Graduates!

Cherry Garden recently held a Graduation Ceremony for one of their stars of The Move Programme, Kwabena Yeboah.

Kwabena has shown such amazing progress on his journey with the Programme, and is now walking independently, meaning he has officially graduated from The Move Programme – an incredible achievement.

Kwabena now has so much independent movement that he even managed to climb a ladder by himself to collect his certificate in his Graduation Ceremony!

Here, Simon Wright, Move Trainer at Cherry Garden School, shares Kwabena’s story: 

“Kwabena started at Cherry Garden in September 2015.

“At that time he couldn’t walk unaided, instead using a walking frame to move around school or crawl in the classroom. 

“Kwabena's long term goals were to walk to the local shops with his older brothers and to get on and off the toilet without any help so he could access this independently.  

“Kwabena has achieved these targets and can now be found making his way around school on his own.

“Kwabena always has a smile on his face now! He is a very determined young man and everybody at Cherry Garden is very proud of him as he graduates from The Move Programme.”

Nadia, Kwabena’s mum, also said of her son’s achievement;

“There has been a huge improvement in his mobility because of The Move Programme. “He now has much more social interaction, and his communication has improved."

“He is signing more through Makaton, and he loves going to the park and helping others!”

To learn more about The Move Programme, please visit:   


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