Scott enjoys a successful start to training/working in the Enham Trust Café

Scott enjoys a successful start to training/working in the Enham Trust Café


Scott has been at Enham Trust for 6 months now, and has recently joined the Radio Enham team, which he enjoys a lot! But Scott was also looking for something different; an opportunity to develop his skills even further, and meet new people.

So, when he found out about the opportunity to help volunteer at the new Enham Trust Café, Scott immediately put his name forwards for the role.

Below, Scott tells all about how he’s enjoying most about his training so far:

“I heard about the café opportunity, after looking for more things to do at Enham Trust that would suit me, and I knew this would be something made for me. So far we have had 10 weeks of training, and know we are making sure the final touches are ready for the Grand opening.

“Working/ training at the café has been amazing so far. It has taught me so many skills; like using the equipment, and how to act in a customer-facing role, as I’ll be serving on the front desk.

“It’s also great for keeping me busy, and it’s something that I can really look forward to each day.

“I have met lots of new people, and will hopefully make some new friends during my time at the café.

“The accessible design of the kitchen also means I am able to navigate around in my wheelchair, and still make a selection of drinks, which makes me feel great!

“I will also be able to use the till, which is on a height adjustable unit, to serve the customers when they come in.

“I can’t wait for the official launch now, so we can all start making the most of this great new café at Enham Trust.”


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