Read why Charlotte chooses to work at Enham Trust...

Why Charlotte works at Enham Trust

I’ve been working at Enham Trust for nearly a year and half, and every single day is different, motivating and exciting.

I applied for the job and didn’t expect to hear anything. My degree is in Psychology rather than Marketing, and I didn’t have experience in this field at the time. Much to my surprise, I was offered an interview and eventually the job - I couldn’t believe it! I got stuck in straight away and hit the ground running.

I was fortunate enough to complete a few professional courses in marketing alongside my role, which has been amazing. I have learnt so much in my time here already and feel that I have grown professionally and personally. I’ve made some great friends at work and genuinely enjoy the job I do. My time here so far has developed me from a job into a career, which I will always be grateful for.

My role doesn’t directly support clients, but it is so humbling to think that I am part of something bigger. Day to day I see the incredible impact that Enham Trust has on the clients we support.

Therefore, earlier this year, I wanted to do a bit of fundraising and challenge myself; I undertook a 10km run at Parallel London, alongside some of my colleagues and clients. I am not a runner – more so a ballet dancer and occasional yoga-enthusiast - so for me this was a challenge! I even managed to persuade my Dad to run with me; it was great to do something together and it also spurred me on to keep up with him! I was so pleased to raise £410.23 and to know it is going to a worthy cause is rewarding.

It always astounds me that 83% of disability is acquired, most often through accidents. To think that there is a charity on my doorstep that enables people to live the lives they choose, regardless of what disability they have, is incredible and I am fortunate enough to work somewhere that is more than ‘just a job’. 

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