Why Chloe works for Enham Trust

Why Chloe works for Enham Trust

I first heard about Enham Trust back in 2010, when as part of my work experience at school, I was invited to come and work with the fundraising team for a week.

From that very first day, I was so inspired by the work carried out at Enham Trust, I was left wanting more. I really enjoyed the week and was made to feel so welcome, that I decided to sign up as a volunteer when I left school a few months later. I continued volunteering within the fundraising team during my summer holidays until I went to university.

When I graduated from university I spent a lot of time thinking about what I might like to do next.  I remembered how much I enjoyed my time at Enham Trust so I kept my eye on the job vacancies via the Enham Trust website.  I was so pleased when a position working in the fundraising team came up. I applied straight away, was shortlisted and interviewed, and much to my delight, I was offered the job!

I started working for Enham Trust in June 2016 on a part time basis.  However, since then, my role has progressed into a full time position and I have also been given the opportunity to supervise our customer service team.  I am so incredibly grateful for everything that Enham Trust has invested into me to give me these opportunities.  This has given me a huge boost to my confidence and I genuinely love coming to work every day.  Whilst I don’t work directly with the people we support, I am able to see what a difference Enham Trust makes to their lives, which is incredibly rewarding and motivates me every day.

Enham Trust's vision to enable people with disabilities to live the lives they choose, focusing on the possibilities rather than impossibilities, is something incredibly close to my heart, as I have a disability myself.  This is a philosophy that I also like to live by so to be able to work for an organisation that truly embraces this on a daily basis, is something I am extremely proud to be a part of.

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