See why it's important for Hannah to work for Enham Trust...

Why it's important for Hannah to work for Enham Trust

Enham Trust encompasses and celebrates ability, inclusivity and diversity, and I look forward to being part of it every single day.

I first joined Enham Trust in 2014 as a Business Development Assistant. My role has developed over time, and thanks to the investment and support the Trust has given me, I am now overseeing our Marketing, Fundraising and Business Development functions with the support of our fantastic Income Generation Team.

One of the things I love most about Enham Trust is its diversity. Its various services, offering our customers all-encompassing support is so valuable. Being able to support them in essentially every aspect of their life, from having an accessible home of their own to finding purpose in life through activities and employment – the benefit we bring is clear to see.

Although not directly supporting our customers, I am reminded daily (quite often through chats over tea in the kitchen!) of the significant impact our support has on our customers, and their ability to live an independent life, making their own decisions; something everyone should, and at Enham Trust does, have the right to.

It’s not very often you are lucky enough to find a job that leaves you feeling like you are part of something very special, and Enham Trust truly does that.

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