Read why Heath chooses to work for Enham Trust

Why Heath works at Enham Trust

Enham Trust is a truly unique place, which grabbed my attention the first time I stepped through the door. I joined the Trust in summer 2015 and became the Chief Executive, as an Interim in November 2016, and substantively from February this year. 

There are many reasons Enham Trust has got under my skin and driven me to want to make things better, but the main two are the people we support and the people I work alongside on a daily basis.

It’s an absolute privilege to be part of an organisation that truly lives its values, lots of places claim to be person centred, but what you discover on speaking to people who work at Enham Trust is that no matter what area they work in, they have one thing in common, they want to make things better. 

It is this unified passion that helps make my job easier.

What I hear regularly from people we support and their families is that Enham makes a tremendous difference to people’s lives, and whilst we are developing and improving things all the time, that basic truth underpins what we do. 

I am impressed and humbled daily by the things people around me achieve, and its not everywhere you work where you feel like that. I get to chat every day to the people we support and staff from a really diverse range of teams, all of whom are committed to moving the organisation forward and working together to achieve greater things.

How many CEOs can say that?

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