Why is it important for Kelly to work at Enham Trust...

Why Kelly works for Enham Trust

I applied for a job at Enham (as it was then) only because the role came up on a job search online, and as I was working my notice on my previous role it would mean I could avoid having to go into temping until I could find the perfect job.  I even said to a friend in passing, when I was offered my job, that it would be good for six months until I found something else – and here I am still here nearly six years later!

I didn’t really know much about the organisation before I joined – I knew it was there as I would drive through the village of Enham Alamein, and as a child I had gone to a birthday party in the hall, but like so many others I had no idea of the organisation and all the work it did to support people with disabilities.

From the moment I walked in on my first day and even now six years on, I am always struck by the culture – just how friendly and welcoming everybody was; it was like no-where I had worked before. So many organisations say they are person-centred, but I believe that Enham Trust is one of the few places that truly is – not just for the people we work with but with our employees.

So yes, here I am nearly six years on, still part of the organisation. The turning point for me was the fact that Enham Trust genuinely supports employees to develop – there is this intrinsic culture of wanting everyone to achieve their full potential.

In my time with the organisation I have gained professional qualifications as well as been given some amazing opportunities to work alongside colleagues to learn and develop. The last six years have been a challenge, don’t get me wrong – I’ve had my ups and downs - but I have always come out the other side having learned something incredibly valuable.

I’m not in the same role as I was in 2012 – I am actually on my fifth, having been given some incredible opportunities to develop my career in a reasonably short space of time.

I have always worked in the public or third sectors – it’s important for me to know that what I do matters. Working at Enham Trust definitely ticks that box for me – I know what I do has a direct impact on the people we support.

Of a morning, just walking into the office, I can chat to some of the people we support and that is a great reminder of just what a huge, positive difference the organisation makes to them.

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