Why Louise enjoys living and working at Enham Trust

Why Louise enjoys living and working at Enham Trust

Louise came to Enham Trust in 1999, and heard of the charity from previously being at Treloar College. Louise began living in Cedar Park when she first arrived, however, was supported to move to Weston Court in 2005, where she could live independently.

Below Louise tells us why she enjoys living and working at Enham Trust:

“I love living at Enham Trust, and have been here for over 15 years now, so I have seen a lot change. The freedom given to you here is great, and I can choose what I want to do, which I haven’t had as much of at any previous places.”

“Enham Trust also helped me move into the lovely Weston Court, which provides me with a lot more independance. This means I get to do things like cook for myself, which I was never able to do before.”

“I have also been able to secure a job at Enham Trust, working on the reception desk I started volunteering, and then a full time job role came up, which I applied for. I was really excited to find out soon after that I was successful for the role, that I still work in now!”

“Working here is so fun. I love meeting lots of new people on the reception desk every day, and also seeing familiar faces. It’s a great way to socialise and make new friends.”

“My job also gives me a massive confidence boost, as I speak with people face to face and on the phone each day, which also has taught me some very important skills too.”

“I love the freedom and range of things to do at here, especially the new Enham Trust Café that is opening soon. It will be yet another great service which Enham Trust provides, offering the opportunity for more disabled people to work and volunteer, to gain new skills.”

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