Read why it's important for Sophie to work at Enham Trust

Why Sophie works at Enham Trust?

I acquired a brain injury at birth which left me with Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy. Born in 1988, I grew up in a time when disabled people were rarely seen or heard; disabled spaces were few & far between, shops were inaccessible unless you had the fitness level of an Olympian (!) and children with ‘special needs’ were given ‘specialist’ (isolated) education, bundled together regardless of intellectual ability, away from the ‘mainstream’.  

When my teenage Mother fought for my place at a local, mainstream school, she was frowned upon. Doctors, Social Workers, even the school’s Head teacher told her that because my legs don’t work properly, I’d never gain a job or a single qualification.

Now, at 29, I have a Master’s Degree, I own property, I have a daughter, and many different jobs! My disability has never got in the way of a single thing I’ve done and, in fact, it’s made me more determined to prove everyone who told me “no, you can’t do that”, wrong!

This, to me, is Enham Trust. Saying “yes!”, where others say no.

We are all ‘dis-able’ to do something, by the very definition of the word! Where I may be able to write a poem, my colleague may lack such skills and therefore be ‘dis-abled’ to do the same.

‘Dis-ability’ is a state of mind and Enham Trust sees this – overcoming physical and societal barriers to ensure that their clients live exactly how they want to, because… why not?

We all aspire to be the best we possibly can be; why should anything stop that?  


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