Commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Battle of El Alamein

Battle of El Alamein 75th anniversary commemoration

Award-winning village and home to leading disability charity Enham Trust, Enham Alamein, prepares to commemorate the milestone 75th anniversary of the infamous Battle of El Alamein with a church service and museum display.

The historic battle, which took place in Egypt as part of the Second World War, marked a major turning point in the War, culminating in an Allied victory which ended the Axis threat to Egypt and revived plummeting morale amongst the Allies. 

Originally opened in 1919 as a place for injured servicemen and their families to rehabilitate after the First World War, Enham’s residents contributed vastly to the Battle of El Alamein, so much so that in 1945 the village was renamed 'Enham Alamein' in recognition of a substantial gift from the Egyptian Government in gratitude of the Allied victory at this Battle.

Battle of El Alamein 75th anniversary event

When? 22nd October, 2.30pm start

Where? St. Georges Church, Enham Alamein

Other information

The service in St. Georges Church will follow a museum display in the Landale Wilson Hall, Enham Alamein; open from 1.30pm.

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