Freefall from 15,000ft for Enham Trust!

Freefall from 15,000ft for Enham Trust!

Leading disability charity Enham Trust, based in Hampshire, is seeking daredevils, adrenaline junkies, and anyone looking to challenge themselves in 2018 to do just that by taking on a tandem skydive later in the year.

The skydive, offered in conjunction with Go Skydive in Salisbury, will offer participants the opportunity to jump from either 10,000 or a whopping 15,000 feet above the ground.

Offered as part of the Trust’s calendar of events for the New Year, anyone participating is asked to fundraise just £395 for the charity before jumping on either the 2nd June or 1st September 2018.

Claire Chambers, Enham Trust’s Income Generation Lead, said of the challenge:

“For anyone who loves an adrenaline rush or simply wants to push themselves out of their comfort zone, this is the challenge for you! And to achieve this whilst supporting your local charity? Well, that’s something very special, indeed.”

Anyone interested in taking on the challenge or finding out more is asked to visit: or call 01264 345 800.  

All funds raised by this event go towards Enham Trust’s ongoing work; supporting thousands of disabled people across the country each year in the key areas of their lives by providing housing, care, and various employment & skills opportunities to ensure each customer gains independence, choice, and control over every aspect of their lives.

For more information about Enham Trust, please visit:


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