Shaun sets his sights on his cycling fundraising challenge!

Shaun sets his sights on his cycling fundraising challenge!

Shaun Barker, supported by leading Hampshire Disability Charity Enham Trust, has launched an epic fundraising challenge.

The challenge will involve cycling a mammoth 75 kilometres/ 47 miles, which is the exact distance from Enham Trust, where Shaun lives, all the way to his family’s home in Gosport.

Shaun’s love for cycling first started 10 years ago, but he unfortunately hasn’t had many opportunities to cycle regularly. However, with the help and support of Hobbs Rehabilitation Ltd, who work in partnership with Enham Trust, Shaun now has the chance to use the exercise bike on a regular basis.

Shaun has taken this opportunity, alongside his love of cycling, to take part in this incredible fundraiser. He has set his sights on a target of £500, with all funds raised  supporting physiotherapy services at Enham Trust.

Shaun will start the challenge on Wednesday 31st January, and will be completing it over an 8 week period, with a big finale date set for Wednesday 28th March, where he will be cheered on by family and friends to complete the last leg of his cycle

If you would like to help support Shaun on his fantastic fundraiser, then you can visit his Just Giving page here –

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