“After that first week, we were so impressed with the level of care we received"

Care at home: Meet Louise

Care at home: Meet Louise

Our unique Care at Home service, delivered in Hampshire, Wiltshire, and West Sussex, offers person-centred care to people living with disabilities or requiring care in their own homes due to long term health conditions, elderly people, or people with temporary care needs.

For 23 year old Louise, who has Autism and moderate learning disabilities, and her family, Enham Trust’s personalised Care at Home service has given Louise the independence that she craves and her parents the peace of mind they needed to go back to work.

Here, her Mother Suzanne tells the story:

We’ve been using Enham Trust’s Care at Home service for 2 years and 4 months,” explains Suzanne. “We’ve always known about Enham Trust as we live so near, but really we came to use the services by accident!

When it was time for Louise to leave full time education, we had an assessment from Social Services; starting the process to working out the next steps for Louise. Louise needs someone with her all the time, she can’t be left on her own, as in an emergency or an alien situation, she wouldn’t know what to do or how to cope.

“Louise leaving full time education was an anxious time for all of us, but with Social Services’ help, we got a programme of activities in place for her. However, 4 days before her new programme was meant to start, we still had no care in place.

“Getting a care programme in place was vital, not only for Louise’s independence and confidence, but also enabling me to go back to work. We needed people to get her up in the morning and take her to various activities 5 days a week, and bring her home. Enham Trust’s Care at Home service was recommended to us, and with such short notice, were able to help. They came on board, originally with a weeks’ cover, and quickly drew up a personalised programme of care, to support Louise. 

After that first week, we were so impressed with the level of care we received, and the professionalism and compassion of the Personal Assistants (PAs), that we asked them to stay. Louise got on well with the PAs she was working with, and they worked well with her; we didn’t want to change!

“Another great thing to have come out of our relationship with Enham Trust has been Choices. One of Enham Trust’s day activities, Choices Drama Group supports disabled people to grow in confidence and independence through dance, drama, and craft. 

“Louise loves it! She’s very musical anyway, and has always enjoyed performing from an early age. She could sing before she could talk! And is blessed with perfect pitch. It’s a great outlet for Louise, and something she wouldn’t have access to otherwise. In July, they’re planning to perform Grease which Louise is already looking forward to. 

It’s difficult to say what the future holds for Louise as she’s very attached to us, her family, and would struggle to leave the family home. However, one thing we do know is that we’d like Louise’s future to be with Enham Trust.

“It’s a fantastic charity and the Care at Home service is wonderful; Louise’s PAs are lovely, dedicated, and although they work with many clients, are always cheerful. But most of all, we can trust them, and Louise trust’s them, which means a lot.”

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