“Moving to Coopers Chase is good; I see more people and can do more things."

Graeme’s story

Graeme’s story

Long-standing Enham Trust resident Graeme has lived in Michael House almost 30 years; settled and very happy in his home, Graeme expressed during his last annual review in September 2016 that he was happy living in the 24 hour care home, and never wanted to move.

However, the team at Michael House really felt that Graeme could achieve so much more, and that moving to supported living could be a realty positive step for him.

The team in Michael House supported Graeme to understand where he could move on to, and what became apparent was that he really wanted to maintain his life in the Enham Trust community.

On this basis, it was suggested he might like to consider Coopers Chase, down in the village of Enham Alamein, so he could still be part of the community he knew and adored.

The team supported Graeme to find out more about the homes there and the services offered so he understood more what his life would be like if he moved.

Graeme began to think that he might actually like to move and, following this, the team started putting a plan into place to ensure Graeme would be supported to develop his daily living skills – like working with him to improve his cooking skills.

They also supported him with regular visits to Coopers Chase so he could meet and build relationships with the other people who lived there.

By Christmas, Graeme was excited about the opportunity of living in Coopers Chase, and was telling everyone that he couldn't wait to move in! He began sorting out his flat in Michael House and packing ready for his move; thrilled when Housing sent him his official offer letter!

The week before Graeme's move in date, his Social Worker got in touch - she was really concerned as to whether Graeme really wanted to move to Coopers Chase, as less than six months ago at his annual review he had refused.

His Social Worker spent time speaking to Graeme and his family and couldn't believe the transformation in terms of how the staff had supported Graeme to find out more and want to make a change with his life.

His Social Worker fully supported the move and was really complimentary of the work the teams at Michael House and Coopers Chase had done to make it a reality for Graeme. 

Graeme officially moved in to his new flat at Coopers Chase 6 weeks ago and could not be happier.

He told us: 

“Moving to Coopers Chase is good; I see more people and can do more things. I liked Michael House but like here more now.”


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