Living at Enham Trust has helped Mandy find a new kind of independence

Transitions: Meet Mandy

Mandy is in her 50s and has lived most of her life without a disability.

Brought up near Salisbury and then Basingstoke, Mandy excelled at science and sport. She raised three sons, worked as a chemical analyst in Basingstoke for the global pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, and still had time to enjoy playing for Basingstoke Hockey Club. Unfortunately, life took an unexpected turn.

She began to feel dizzy and kept passing out. An MRI scan revealed that Mandy had developed Acoustic Neuroma – a tumour affecting the brain and ear. She underwent surgery, but worse was to come. Mandy contracted an infection which left her in a coma for six months. When Mandy awoke, she had lost her short term memory. Mandy then suffered a stroke which left her unable to walk or talk properly. Her sons were just teenagers. The family were devastated. Eventually, Mandy’s brother found Enham Trust. The Care & Support services that Enham Trust provides were exactly what they needed.

Greater Choice and Control

Initially unsure and depressed by the loss of independence, Mandy found coming to terms with the disability difficult. When she first arrived here she used a wheelchair, she hardly spoke and was frightened to try walking in case she fell. With firm but friendly encouragement from the care staff and physiotherapists, Mandy now gets around using a walker. Her speech has returned and she’s regained much of her memory.

Her sons, now young adults, visit her regularly. Her personal assistants offer support with her care needs and her social life. Mandy’s now enjoying her “passion for fashion”. She goes shopping and enjoys painting and craftwork.

Living at Enham Trust has helped her regain control, and find a new kind of independence. She now has the will to move forward.

“I’m more like my old self. I’m more confident, I’m walking, and I talk more!” smiles Mandy.

Mandy was determined to move into her own home and gain some independence and in early 2014 that is what she did. She believes that her confidence and ability to live independently was a direct result of both the environment at Enham Trust and the support she received through physiotherapy.

2015 Update

After nearly a year of living independently in a bungalow in Basingstoke, Mandy is feeling lonely and really missing the social and community focused environment at Enham Trust. We are talking with her family at the moment to see if it will be possible for her to move into one of our supported living bungalows. We would love to welcome her back again.

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