What is person centered planning?

Person Centered Care Planning

Providing personalised care and support to disabled people

Here at Enham Trust, we believe in the Power of Yes; supporting disabled people to live the lives they choose, and to provide personalised care and support.

The Personalisation Agenda, which began in 2007, has positively transformed adult social care, and drives our values of ensuring disabled people living across the country can do so with independence, choice, and control.

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Putting individuals in control with personalised care and support

Personalisation is about putting control back into the hands of the individuals we support, providing personalised care and support designed with their full involvement, and tailored to meet their own unique needs – this is in complete contrast to the “one size fits all” approach that existed previously, and supports social independence.

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What personalised care and support does Enham Trust provide?

At Enham Trust, we understand that everyone is different; we all have different needs, desires, and life goals, and to reflect this we deliver a range of services and initiatives designed to support disabled people in every area of their lives – giving you the care and support you need to achieve your aspirations, in a way that suits you.

We are proud to offer unique, holistic disabled care and support to anyone wishing to live independently who has not yet done so; from living in one of our three residential care homes with 24 hour care and support, to learning basic life skills in our moving on facility Coopers Chase, and finally support disabled people to live independently in their own homes, in one of our near-300 fully wheelchair accessible homes, either in the village or in the nearby town of Andover, Hampshire.

We support disabled people in various locations across the country that receive their own budget and can decide how, who with, and where they wish to spend that budget in order to meet their needs and achieve their desired outcomes.

We also support disabled people and those furthest from the labour market to gain qualifications and get a job. This is vital in supporting people’s self-worth and confidence; enabling them to be economically independent.

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Paul says:

I’m working with Tom (PCP Specalist) to make sure that through all the different things I do, I’m building my confidence and life skills, so that one day, I might be able to live in my own home. I’m making good progress


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