Through the Move programme Alistair has improved his physical, cognitive and communication skills

Alistair’s Story

For seven year old Alistair, The MOVE Programme from Enham Trust has been life-changing…

Seven year old Alistair, who has low muscle tone, struggled to hold himself up when he first joined the MOVE Programme from Enham Trust; having difficulty maintaining an upright position when sitting, and using a stander in the nursery and at home.

Working with his MOVE Facilitators, Alistair set his sights on achieving 2 specific goals: sitting at the dinner table and walking to the kitchen unaided.

After a year on the MOVE Programme from Enham Trust, Alistair's sitting balance has improved and he is now spending more time sitting on a conventional chair.

He is currently using a gait trainer at school and his social interaction has improved and he has an increased awareness of his lower and upper limbs. At present, he has obtained 40% progress on being able to sit at the table for mealtimes and a 20% progress to walk to the kitchen.

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*The photos used are of a child that has taken part in the Programme..

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