The Move Programme allows individuals develop plans that are both personal and relevant.

Claire’s Story

For 12 year old Claire, The MOVE Programme from Enham Trust has been life-changing…

For Claire, the MOVE Programme from Enham Trust enabled her to enjoy a long-awaited family holiday without relying on her wheelchair for mobility.

When Claire first started on the MOVE Programme from Enham Trust, she relied heavily on the use of a wheelchair to get around and craved more independent mobility.

Setting herself 3 clear and ambitious goals, Claire set to work with her MOVE Facilitators; aiming to use a public toilet and public pool, walk independently with a walker, and go on a family holiday without the use of her wheelchair.

Two years on and her participation on the MOVE programme from Enham Trust has enabled her to fully participate in communication groups within her class, achieving 100% success and drastically improving her range of mobility.

Recently, Claire went on a family holiday to Florida and instead of using a wheelchair in order to explore the sights; it was only used to put the bags in!

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*Please not this childs name has been changed to protect their idenity. The photos used are of a child that has taken part in the Programme..

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