Have you thought about taking the next step in your Move Journey ?

Move Quality Marks

Have you thought about taking the next step in your Move Journey and achieving Move Quality Mark Status?

There are many benefits of achieving a Move Quality Mark;  

  • The Move Quality Mark is recognised by Ofsted as a valuable addition to the school curriculum.
  • It helps you to evaluate your current standard of delivery and it adds value to your teaching.
  • It provides a supportive framework to help you plan for and track continuous improvement in the Move Programme at your school or organisation.
  • It enables you to be recognised as an organisation using the Move Programme to a high standard and improves your offering to the children attending the school.
  • It is an inclusive award that can be attained by organisations of all different sizes and types.
  • It can also be used as external validation and recognition of best practice in the Move approach.

If you feel that your school is demonstrating commitment to the Move Programme and feel that you are ready to be assessed for a Move Quality Mark, then please click below to get in contact with us.

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