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We've supported over 4,000 people with disabilities and complex needs across the UK in their journey to independence.

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Move Centre of Excellence status is awarded to school and centres using the Move Programme from Enham Trust in the most effective way.

Our Centres of Excellence are shining examples of best practice and provide continuity for the programme on a local, regional, and even national level; opening their doors to other interested parties – both inside and outside of the Move Programme – to showcase their achievements and encourage participation in the Move Programme.

There are currently 19 Move Centres of Excellence based in the following counties across the UK:

  • Barnet: Mapledown School
  • Canterbury: St Nicholas School
  • Croesyceiliog: Crownbridge Special School
  • Derby: Ivy House School
  • Edinburgh: Oaklands School
  • Greenwich: Willow Dene School
  • Grimsby: Humberston Park Special School
  • Hampshire: Henry Tyndale School
  • Inverness: Drummond School
  • Leeds: West SILC Farnley Academy
  • Liverpool: Millstead School
  • London: Charlton Park Academy
  • London: Watergate School in Lewisham
  • Long Eaton: Stanton Vale School
  • Reading: Brookfields Special School 
  • Southwark: Tuke School
  • Welwyn Garden City: Lakeside School
  • Weymouth: Wyvern Academy
  • Whitehaven: Mayfield School

To find your nearest Move Centre of Excellence and to arrange a visit, please contact us and we’ll be happy to organise on your behalf.

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Or if you have already implemented the Move Programme in your school or centre, you could become a Move Centre of Excellence, and help us celebrate the long term achievements of the Move Programme.

Becoming a Centre of Excellence has many long term benefits; including:

  • Regional and national recognition for using and understanding the Move Programme effectively
  • On-going support from the Move central office, Move Development Officers and Move Consultants
  • Support in the development of transition plans
  • Support visits once every three years or as requested

If you’d like to apply to become a Centre of Excellence or would like more information, please contact us today.

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