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Destiny’s Story

▶ After just one year on the Mov...

A year of support from the Move Programme has resulted in Destiny sitting, walking, and moving from a sitting to standing position entirely on her own, successfully graduated and enjoying her new found independence!

Alistair’s Story

▶ Meet Alistair

Alistair’s Story: For seven year old Alistair, The MOVE Programme from Enham Trust has been life-changing…

Keelie's Story

▶ Hear Keelie's story

For Keelie, 13, who has Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, the Move Programme from Enham Trust has enabled her to play in the local park with her friends; something no-one ever thought possible.

Claire’s Story

▶ Meet Claire

Recently, Claire went on a family holiday to Florida and instead of using a wheelchair in order to explore the sights; it was only used to put the bags in!

Milly's Story

▶ Milly's Story

For 6 year old Milly, who has Downs Syndrome and a visual impairment, and her family, The Move Programme from Enham Trust has been truly life changing.

Zac's Story

▶ Zac's Story

From time to time Zac is unwell with epilepsy and he loses skills, and when Zac joined The Move Programme he had little sitting balance and was unable to balance to stand or walk. Zac also travelled into school in a buggy and was lifted for transfers.

Sophie’s Story

▶ Sophie’s Story

“Eleven years ago, Sophie was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and four limb motor disorder. We were told that she would never be able to walk or talk, roll on her side or move independently."

The Move Programme from Enham Trust

At the Move Programme from Enham Trust, we work with a variety of organisations to improve the wellbeing of disabled children, and disabled people with complex needs of any age and ability.

Using person centred plans created on achievable goals set by each of the disabled children, and disabled people we support, with the support of their family, we develop the physical and communication skills of disabled people for both learning and life.

Working in partnership with leading disability charity Enham Trust in 2015, the Move Programme perfectly complements the Trust’s near century-long ethos; to ensure disabled people everywhere can live as independently as possible.

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