Read Sophie's incredible story!

Sophie’s Story

The Move Programme has had a huge impact on Sophie’s life. Here her sister, Charlotte, tells her story:

“Eleven years ago, Sophie was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and four limb motor disorder. We were told that she would never be able to walk or talk, roll on her side or move independently. But this all changed when Katie Chapman started Watergate School and made massive progress with Sophie on the Move Programme."

“Sophie really enjoys Move and has made so much progress so far. She wasn’t happy doing many activities at school like standing or hydrotherapy and she never had any self-esteem. Sophie now does many activities at school like swimming, standing, boxing, and trampolining which she really enjoys. Katie called me to see Sophie take her few steps in the water and rolling herself on to the trampoline which really made me see how much The Move Programme has done for Sophie in just 1 year! A massive thank you to Katie and Move for all your hard work with Sophie and the support that everyone has given to Sophie on behalf of Sophie, her family and I!”

Katie Chapman, Move Trainer at Watergate School says;

“Sophie’s achievements have amazed everybody here. The amount of effort and enthusiasm she puts into everything is incredible and we have really been celebrating her achievements at the school. She is a perfect example of what children who aren't yet working on standing and walking can achieve."

Sophie has achieved so much this year which has impressed us all, such as:

  • taking herself across a room by rolling with minimal prompting.
  • Taking herself onto the trampoline for rebound therapy by pushing up a set of stairs and rolling herself into the middle.
  • Bridging which assists with her personal care.
  • Bench sitting briefly independently and moving while sitting (with support) to participate in activities (including boxing!)

“We are so looking forward to seeing what Sophie can achieve next and we are trying to build up her confidence and pride in herself by sharing her wonderful progress with others.”


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