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Zac's Story

“In 2014 and at the age of 3 Zac joined The Move programme from Enham Trust at Crownbridge School.

“From time to time Zac is unwell with epilepsy and he loses skills, and when Zac joined The Move Programme he had little sitting balance and was unable to balance to stand or walk. Zac also travelled into school in a buggy and was lifted for transfers.

“We started working with Zac’s family and other outside agencies on setting specific goals based around sitting, standing and walking.

“We then introduced bench sitting and sitting on a box for learning and play activities to increase core strength and balance. We also introduced him to a fully supportive Pacer walking frame to practice stepping and give Zac standing opportunities.

“Zac was beginning to show some signs of improvement by beginning to bottom shuffle. We placed him on the MOVE programme to see if setting Zac the right targets could improve his independence.

“Zac quickly gained strength and balance and was able to put his new skills into good use for: walking to explore school and socialise with friends, standing to play with the water/ sand tray and at the e-board. He started sitting unsupported for art lessons, messy play and dinner time. Zac was soon able to gain the skills to feed himself as well.

“Now at 6 years of age Zac walks without the use of his pacer and is happy to hold your hand or he will use a hoop, and takes his own weight in all transfers.

“He is currently practicing skills such as walking up and down steps. His favourite steps to practice on are the steps on the school climbing frame because once he’s walked all the way to the top he can come back down the slide!

“Zac has recently started to walk just over 10 metres with no hands held! “Crownbridge School are very proud of the achievements that Zac has made on The Move programme. It has supported him gain great independence throughout his daily life and we hope he carries on progressing and exceeding expectations. “The benefits have been outstanding, and Zac has never looked back!”

- Kathryn Trego, HLTA & MOVE Co-ordinator, Crownbridge School.

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