We can help you to fill vacancies

Are you an employer or professional?

Let us help you to fill your vacancies

By working closely with us you can help to make a real difference to support people to achieve their working goals. 

What we are offering

We can help you to fill your vaccancies by supporting you through your recruitment process. This may include anything from assisting with writing the job specification; sifting CVs or finding suitable candidates to attend interviews. All that we ask for in return is an opportunity for our clients to be interviewed. 

Supporting you

Once you've filled your vacancy, we can help you to support any individual whist in work, resolving any conerns you may have together in a way that works for you. 

Our work programmes

By providing information, training, guidance and support through our work programmes, we encourage hundreds of people back into work every year. 

Our programmes are tailored to meet the needs of the individual and to ensure the best outcome for that person.

We work with a number of partners such as DWP, Maximus, the National Career Service, Colleges, HDEA’s, DEA’s and Jobcentre Plus to give individuals the best possible support through a number of personalised routes including work placements and work experience to enable them to obtain and retain a job.

Developing innovative and relevant programmes that open up opportunities for worthwhile employment is central to our mission: to enable people with disabilities and people who experience barriers to work to make real choices in their lives.

We can work with you to fill your vacancy, and to make sure that the right person is in place. Employing disabled and disadvantaged people is vital to the community, not just for the individual but can bring positive benefits to your business.

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