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Leading Hampshire-based disability charity Enham Trust supports over 8,500 disabled and disadvantaged people across the country to live lives of choice, control and independence; providing housing, care, and employment & skills provisions to enable individuals to make the transition towards greater social and economic independence.

Listening to, and understanding the individual circumstances of, our beneficiaries is a vital component of our work; allowing us to develop plans that are both personal and relevant.

Our numerous training and employment programmes continue to support hundreds of clients to take control of their lives and succeed in finding work.

One such programme is Work Choice; a highly successful two year programme supporting disabled people into work, through our supported industries and Social Enterprises such as Enham3PL, to gain the qualifications and skills they need to secure sustained, unsupported employment elsewhere.

For Clive, who has learning disabilities and joined E3PL 18 months ago after being made redundant from a previous role, Work Choice and Enham3PL have been invaluable.

Here, he tells his story:

“When I first joined Enham3PL I didn’t feel confident, and didn’t trust my Work Choice Advisor – I sometimes felt like she was being intrusive. But, over the first few months, Jo [my Advisor] reassured me, and helped me feel comfortable; she encouraged me and showed me she was there to support me.

“I built up skills working in E3PL, often taking on extra responsibilities which including attending a course to become a fire warden. As I gained experience, my confidence grew – and I felt comfortable to be more sociable and interact more with his colleagues, Managers and Work Choice Advisor.

“I used to travel up to work from Southampton by taxi every day for 9 months. I joined E3PL on Enham Trust’s Work Programme and loved it, so I applied to live in a flat in the village – that way, I could be closer to work.

“I enjoy working here because it gets me out of the house every day, and I get on with my work mates. I’ve made some really good friends, and I’ve even joined the Enham Social Club!

“I’m definitely happier than I was before – I’m no longer stressed or lonely, and I prefer it here than when I was in Southampton.”


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