How your rent is spent

Enham Trust value for money statement

Achiveing value for money is a fundamental business strategy for Enham Trust. We are working to  make sure we continue to provide an efficient, cost-effective service to our residents. In our efforts to deliver housing services that are considered to be good value for money will:

  • Always strive to do things more efficiently and/or better, for the same cost
  • Attempt to identify and deliver annual efficiency savings
  • Look to stop doing things that add little or no value to services delivered to tenants
  • Monitor costs and the quality of the services to ensure good value
  • Have careful regard to service users views when considering changing or introducing services
  • Ensure that value for money is on the agenda for all staff and tenants
  • Ensure that Enham Management team assumes responsibilty for embedding value for money in the culture of our services

Average rent levels

Our average rent is £97 per week which is lower than target rent set by the Government. This is due to the number of fair rent tenancies.

In April 2012, in line with government guidelines all rents were increased by 6.1%.

How the income is spent

Below is the percentage of the total amount spent on housing maintenance and management. The housing and maintenance budget is spent on the upkeep of the properties, through day to day repairs, cyclical maintenance, major repair schemes and housing management.

  • Cyclical Maintenance and major repairs - 66%
  • Daily Repairs - 28%
  • Housing management - 6%

These figures are for village housing only and do not include any repairs etc carried out to Enham Trust care homes.

We now have a programme of maintenance and reactive repairs. We monitor all calls and are continuially improving to add value for money in the service we provide.

If you have any further questions about how your rent is spent please contact our team. 

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