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Client design panel

Client Design Panel

It is vital at Enham Trust that we ensure our facilities, building and premises meet the needs of our residents and as a result we have a Design Panel composed of residents and employees.

The Design Panel has been fundamental in ensuring our homes are perfectly equipped to accommodate wheelchair users and those with impaired physical movement; for example all our kitchen cupboards and equipment are fully accessible. Indicative of this attention to detail is that fact that even our new paths and walkways allow two wheelchairs to talk side by side rather than behind each other.

The Design Panel help to:

  • Leading Architects to understand disability issues
  • Attaining Wheelchair standard and more
  • Achieving adaptable spaces for future flexibility
  • Designing private and communal gardens
  • Demonstrating the need to widen footpath
  • Influencing  footpath improvements
  • Persuading local residents to lower garden fences.
  • Improved access for all
  • Landmark building enhancing the current environment

Meet Jonathan and find out how being on the client design panel has helped him make a positive impact.

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