Client Design Panel: Meet Jonathan

Jonathan lives at Enham and has done for over 20 years. Read what he has to say about his time at Enham and how the design panel has played a part.

“I’ve lived at Enham Trust for over 20 years. I keep busy and I love giving back, so I volunteer in two local schools four afternoons a week, listening to the children read.

I used to live in a ‘shoebox’ room in Cedar Park, so I’ve seen a lot of change – really positive change – in the time I’ve been here. Disabled people having their own homes and moving onto greater independence, rather than just staying put, is real progress.

I now live in a supported living bedsit on-site, but I don’t have enough room to swing a cat! I’ve been on the waiting list for a suitable bungalow for four years, but Enham Trust simply hasn’t had enough to go round.

I’m very independent; where I’m living now is holding me back. I’d like my own home with its own front door, a separate bedroom and living room, and a proper kitchen witha proper oven, so I can cook and eat a wider variety of food (Ican only fit a microwave in my current kitchenette).

I’d love to live in one of the new Weston Court bungalows here on-site. I’d still have my friends and support network on my doorstep, but I’d be fully independent."

Jonathan is a member of our Client Design Panel and sits on our Housing Committee

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