Cammy’s Story

Cammy’s Story

Leading Hampshire-based disability charity Enham Trust supports thousands of disabled people across the country to live lives of choice, control and independence; providing housing, care, and employment & skills provisions to enable individuals to make the transition towards greater social and economic independence.

Listening to, and understanding the individual circumstances of our beneficiaries is a vital component of our work; allowing us to develop plans that are both personal and relevant.

Our Information, Advice and Guidance service supports clients that have their NHS Direct Payment as a Personal Health Budgets (PHB) to recruit and employ their own Personal Care Assistants.

Putting the control back into the hands of our clients and empowering them to live independently and manage their PHB, we provide payroll and administration support, Managed Account services for Direct Payments, and PHB support service.

For Cammy from Somerset, who has a genetic condition meaning he has profound and multiple disabilities, Enham Trust’s PHB service has meant the family can all spend more quality time together.

Here, Cammy’s mum Tash tells their story…

“Cammy received a Direct Payment and we decided to switch over to a PHB in December 2017. It was really important for us to have a carer who knew Cammy really well because of his needs. His carer, Kate, had worked with him for 4 years and had known him all throughout school as well as working at home with him, so has a deep understanding of him and a great knowledge of his complex care. 

“Cammy is now able to use his PHB to employ Kate as his Personal Care Assistant, which is great for everyone. She provides all of his care and support at her own home that has been adapted for him for two days a week and one overnight a month. This allows us some time off to spend with his brother and sister who so often have to take a back seat to his high care needs. It also allows us to rest and recover so that we can provide the best care possible for him at home

“Direct Payments involved a lot of paperwork, but now we don’t have any with a Managed Account through the PHB! Kate sends her invoices directly to Enham Trust and we don’t have to worry about it so much. The switch over was easy and has taken a lot of stress away for us.

“The PHB has enabled Cammy to spend time outdoors taking part in lots of different activities at the Calvert Trust like canoeing, zip wires and even abseiling in his wheelchair – it’s been amazing to watch him taken part in extreme activities and break through his tiredness. It enabled him to relax and chill out – he even sang through the activities!

“Cammy has been able to spend more time with his brother and sister, making special memories at a difficult time, which is something money can’t buy. We have spent more time as a family, and more time as a couple as we know that Cammy is cared for and safe with Kate.

“I would definitely recommend the service we have received at Enham Trust. The switch over was easy and it’s nice to have support from them when I need to.”

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