Direct Payments have changed Rosie's life

Direct Payments: Meet Rosie

For Rosie, whose life changed forever after she suffered a stroke last year, Enham Trust’s Direct Payments service has offered her the chance to move on with her life and rediscover what independence means following physical and emotional trauma. Here, she shares her story:

“Well, where shall I start?” begins Rosie. “My life has been on a bit of a rollercoaster since I suffered a stroke. This has changed my life completely. I used to be very active and very independent.

“I have suffered physically and mentally since my stroke. I had support from my social worker, who sorted out a care agency to help me with personal care and getting me out of the house, but this didn’t really work for me as I was seeing different carers all the time, and I need consistency. Then I was told about Enham Trust’s Direct Payments service, which I had never heard of before. It scared me at first; fear of the unknown, I guess!

“An advisor from Enham Trust came to see me and explained everything to me. It was a lot of information to process at the time, but I was supported at every step of the way. After much deliberation, I decided that the best option for me was to become an employer, and employ my own PA.

“I was terrified of this at first as I have never been an employer before, but Enham Trust’s Direct Payments team supported me the whole way through, from advertising for a PA, to interviewing them, to completing the paperwork etc.

“I now have an excellent PA whom I trust and have a good relationship with. My life is different from what it used to be, but I accept what’s happened to me, and now feel I can move on with my life and enjoy what I have thanks to Enham Trust. What a great support they are. Thank you so much Enham Trust for all you have done for me!”

Find out more about direct payments and how they can enable you to live the life you choose.

Direct Payments

*Rosie's name has been changed to protect her indentity and images are of other direct payment clients. 



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