Do you know what a PA role includes?

What is a Personal Assistant?

As a Personal Assistant, or 'PA' for short, you'll do a lot of the same role as a Care Assistant; but you'll work directly with one or two individuals, usually in their own home.

Personal Assistants (also sometimes called Personal Care Assistants) help people to live independently by supporting them with social activities, health care tasks and personal care. As a PA, you would be directly employed by an individual employer to support them with various aspects of their daily life.

You could work with lots of different people including children and adults with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health conditions, and older people.

A Personal Care Assistant role might include:

  • Supporting individuals with their social and physical activities;
  • Booking and going with individuals to appointments;
  • Supporting individuals to get to work, college or university;
  • Personal care such as showering and dressing;
  • Domestic tasks such as cleaning and cooking;
  • Carrying out health care tasks, e.g. gastronomy feed or administering medication.

What skills do I need?

You would require basic employability skills such as English, basic numeracy and a willingness to learn new skills. You must have the right to work in the UK and be able to provide proof of this. Please note, you may be asked to complete an Enhance DBS check on being offered a position.

You will need to be able to work using your initiative, prioritise your workload, and have excellent listening and communication skills. What is essential is that you can demonstrate the right values and behaviours, expected within a caring role.


Each employer will have their own arrangements for training depending on the type of budget they have been allocated. 

  • Social Care Direct Payments have access to training through Skills for Care
  • Personal Health Budget Holders have funding for training within their budget.

Induction for Health & Social Care Workers - known as The Care Certificate - is available through Enham Trust to all PA’s once employed.

Career Prospects

Health and social care is a growing sector, meaning that there are lots of opportunities for you to develop your career. Opportunities may arise within your current role to advance to a ‘Senior Personal Assistant’ where you’re responsible for organising rotas, training or wages. You might also choose to go into other roles such as an advocacy worker, care worker or rehabilitation worker.

Being a PA can also be a great experience to support your University application to become a social worker, nurse or occupational therapist. Being a PA can be a part-time role whilst undertaking education at a higher level to support your learning.

How do I become a PA?

We often have opportunities arise for PAs across the UK. 

If you’re interested in becoming a PA or would like more information about Enham Trust’s Personal Assistant Support, our Training Advisors will be happy to talk to you.

Get in touch

Alternatively, you can:

  • Visit Enham Trust’s current vacancies
  • You could apply for PA roles advertised in your local community.
  • Request to be added to the Enham Trust PA Register by contacting our Recruitment Advisors. Contact them below.

Contact our Recruitment Advisors


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