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Richard built on his pre-existing knowledge of gardening

Gardening Team: Meet Richard

Our Gardening Services are a social enterprise of the Enham Trust. The team provide a professional cost effective service and employ people with disabilities like Richard. 

Richard isn’t the same person he was when he first joined leading disability charity Enham Trust based near Andover, Hampshire, two years ago, thanks to the charity’s Work Choices Programme.

Richard was referred to the Work Choices Programme by Shaw Trust - the UK's largest third sector provider of employment services for disabled and disadvantaged people - as he has Aspergers and found it very difficult to communicate with people he didn’t know. In a group, Richard would sit quietly and make very little eye contact.

A keen interest in gardening

Having previously taken qualifications in gardening at Sparsholt College, Richard was keen to build on this pre-existing knowledge and develop his gardening skills further. With the help of his Work Choices Advisor, Richard gained a supported work placement with the charity’s Gardening Services Team.

Withdrawn and shy, in the beginning Richard found it difficult to work as part of a team; it was hard for him to ask questions if he was unsure of what to do and he lacked confidence in his abilities.

Richard’s Work Choices Advisor supported him at every stage, conducting monthly reviews of his training, offering regular feedback on his development to ensure he was realising his full potential.

Working in our Gardening Service Team 

Richard progressed very well with the support he received and his confidence steadily grew over time, showing increasing willingness to learn and take on new challenges as part of the team.

Richard has now progressed to an unsupported, full-time role within the Gardening Services Team, taking on the responsibility of driving the team to various sites in the Andover area, and is a key organiser in loading and preparing the vans with equipment needed to complete the day’s work.

The change in Richard has been so dramatic, even his Mother has noticed the difference; commenting:

Richard’s confidence and self-esteem have grown since he’s worked at Enham. The whole family have noticed a change in his ability to talk to others and he’s even confident enough to go to the shops by himself. That was unheard of two years ago!

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Enham Gardening Services are a Social Enterprise that make a valuable contribution to the success of the Enham Trust and provides our customers with essential employment opportunities.  

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