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Make a Will with Enham Trust

Planning for the future can be overwhelming, but it's one of the most valuable actions you can take for your own peace of mind.

Knowing that everyone and everything you hold dear - your friends, family and principles - are cared for in the way you wish, is a powerful feeling. You can achieve this an help Enham Trust too.

How Making A Will with Enham Trust Works

You get in touch with the solicitor of your choice from our list of participating solicitors and arrange a mutually convenient appointment to meet with them.

At the initial meeting, you explain your requirements, e.g. what assets you have and who you want to benefit. The will writing service would normally* cost in the region of £150 for a single Will and £300 for a joint or mirrored Will. It would be appreciated if your donation could reflect the time and effort given by the solicitor in support of this event.

Instead of paying the solicitor a fee, at your first visit you will be asked to give a donation.

Participating Solicitors

Gardner Leader Solicitors

Gardner Leader
White Hart House
Market Place
RG14 5BA
Tel: 01635 508080

Bull and Co. Solicitors

Bull & Co Solicitors LLP

418 London Street
SP10 2NU
Tel: 01264 352495

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